*Town of Laona*

Town of Laona property owners please make sure you bring your garbage/recycling cans up from the road within 12hrs of pick up.  This is pursuant of town ordinance 13.02(5.3)


** There will be no Summer Park-n-Rec program this year due to lack of staffing.  We hope to have it next year!!**


Request for Quotations- Town of Laona Pulverizing and Paving

The Town of Laona is requesting quotations for roadwork to be completed in the summer/fall of 2017

Work will consist of pulverizing, relaying and reshaping of current roadbed and placement of a minimum of 2 ½ ” compacted hot mix asphalt pavement. Laying of asphalt shall be completed within 2 weeks of pulverizing on this contract. Proof of insurance and a performance bond will be required for the contract.

Quotations are requested for 3 separate projects with an estimated total of 120,560 square feet. In addition to the itemized projects, quotations are requested for 2 separate options which may be added to the overall project based upon Town budget constraints and total bid quotations. One single contract will be awarded for all work to a single contractor. Contractor shall determine actual area and amount of work to be completed.

Contractor must supply all equipment, personnel, and material to complete the project.

For more information and complete quote packet please contact Erin Lane at the Laona Town Hall 715-674-4071